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Powders, pods, seeds ...

Spices take our taste buds on a journey. Beyond the borders, the kitchens of the end of the world are invited to your table, bringing back the perfume of a journey or developing an imaginary worthy of the thousand and one nights.

From the dawn of time, the spices go back to buried memories. Those of a caravan party to the adventure on the road of silk. Those thrown into a cauldron by the witches of our hills. Hidden in the hollow of a valley or on the edge of a forest, our spellcasters have sung the magic of the earth through the effluent of a grass rubbed.

Today, they enchant not only our palates, but they still calm and relieve our little everyday ills ... Who has not heard about clove to appease a rage of teeth, or precious curcuma as Anti-oxidant?

Thank Mother Nature and all the small producers who use their knowledge to offer us their treasures ...

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