Spice Preservation

Spice Preservation

Questions often come up about how to choose and keep spices ...
"Is it better to have a whole or ground spice, how long can it be kept and how?"
A few tips, so that you are wiser in your choices and your desires!

First, whole spices keep longer than ground spices. If you have a mill, it is better to buy whole spices and grind them yourself according to your needs. If you consume a large amount regularly, I leave this option to your judgment.

For this purpose, you will find on each package of spices the Best Before Date: Best Use Limit. You will not suffocate after the end of this date, but your spices may be stale. As a general rule, the duration of a spice is 3 years, knowing that the first year and the best, and that you must know how to keep them ...

Spices are fanning themselves in the open air, and light, heat and humidity can alter their quality. For that, it is better, once the bag opened, to place them in an airtight pot, inside a cupboard or a fresh drawer! The package labels containing all the information concerning the origin, the DLUO, and anecdotes for some can be taken off easily and stuck on your pots for more ease !!
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions ...

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