Gravlax with 6 berries and lemon whipped cream

The count is getting closer, so here is a recipe to test or do a few days before D-Day !!

A trout or salmon gravlax with 6 berries accompanied by a lemon whipped cream ... And no, gluttony is not a bad fault !!

(Personally, I prefer salmon trout, because I have farms not far, the only difference is that there are transverse edges that must be removed with tweezers, but very honestly, this is not is not the end of the world!)



Ingredients of gravlax:

- 500 g of trout fillet

- 50g coarse salt

- 20g of cassonnade

- 2 tablespoons of 6 berries

- 1/2 bouquet of dill or chives



Roast the 6-berry mixture and crush it before adding it to your salt and cassonnade. Mix everything well.

Stir in fresh chopped herbs.

In a slightly hollow dish (the fish will make juice!), Cover with stretch film, add half of your sweet-salty-spicy mixture, put the fish fillet, and cover with the remaining salt-brown sugar ... The fish must be uniformly masked by the salt.

Fold the stretch film around the fish, and let marinate in the refrigerator 10-12h.

At the end of the marinade, rinse the fish in cold water to remove the salt, and rinse gently with a clean towel!

All you have to do is prepare a lemon whipped cream, add some capers and go!


whipped cream


Ingredients for Lemon Chantilly:

- 20 cl of whole liquid cream

- 4 tablespoons lemon juice

- 1/2 bunch of chives or dill

- salt pepper



Place your fresh cream brick quarter of an hour in the freezer to facilitate the rise in whipped cream.

Then put the cream very firm chantilly, then gently add the lemon juice and chopped herbs while continuing to beat.

Salt and pepper to your liking!


Enjoy your meal !!

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